How it Works

Viddo is the video production company Sydney loves!

Why? Because we know what most businesses DON’T want: a fluffy ‘branding’ video that looks fancy, costs a bomb, and gets precisely ZERO sales.

We’ve found a way to make videos for business way LESS expensive - and way MORE effective. Viddo makes videos engineered for views, leads, and sales. Here’s how our process works:

Step 1. Purchase your Viddo pack.

Whether you’re a sole trader for a small business just starting out, or marketing manager of a large company, we’ve got the video production plan you. Head on over to the Viddo plans page and check out the options.

Step 2. Choose your video type.

The Viddo team has analysed hundreds of clips, TV ads, infomercials, Youtube and Facebook videos (we don’t get out much). In our relentless quest to find the ‘magic formula’ behind the most effective business videos OF ALL TIME we discovered…there isn’t one.

We found at least five!

  • The Pitch
  • The Q&A
  • The Story
  • The Event
  • The Lesson

During your phone consultation with a Viddo account manager, we’ll recommend the right approach for each of your videos, so that your final content matches the target audience and achieves your objectives.

Step 3. Complete the online script builder.

We’ll send you a link to a private web page with a short series of questions in an online form. Your answers will give us the ‘building blocks’ we need to write a killer script for you.

Step 4. Scriptwriting

It might surprise you, but effective videos are all about the script. Good copy writing is at the heart of Viddo. Our professional writers will take your answers and shape them into a script that focuses on the needs of your target customer.

Step 5. Filming

Showtime! Now the big day arrives and it’s “Lights. Camera. ACTION!” It’s your time to shine as we shoot your performance on-site at the Viddo studio in Ultimo. Don’t fret about memorizing your script, we’ve got a teleprompter and all the gear.

Step 6. Editing

This is where a lot of the magic happens. Video editors are the wizards of the film world! Our brilliant editors will add dynamic text and graphics on screen to enhance your performance and keep viewers highly engaged.

Step 7. Publish and share

Now you’re a Viddo star! We list your video on the Viddo site, you publish it on your website too. We’ll insert lead generation technology so your video can start capturing VIDDO Leads™.

Step 8. Video marketing

Video production is just the first step. Now it’s time to market your video. At Viddo we not only host and promote your video as part of the video marketing package, we can also set up and manage a Video Traffic Campaign (additional cost). This will get targeted web traffic flowing to your video so you can get leads faster.

FACT: Including video on landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80%.
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