Frequently-Asked Questions

Viddo.Tv will work for any business in any industry where some element of specialist knowledge or professional expertise is required to supply the goods or services.

You might not think of yourself as an ‘expert’, but if you’re a business owner or a sales person in a company, you’re almost certainly an expert on something. Perhaps you have local market knowledge, professional/trade qualifications, or product expertise? It’s a valuable asset. Your target customers are searching on Google for the answers YOU can provide, every day.

Viddo has developed a system of video production and marketing that helps unlock your expertise, to create the filmed content your target customers actually want.

Don’t worry, we’ve got it sorted. Viddo uses digital marketing technology to reveal what keywords and questions your target customers are searching for. We match this to an aspect of your expertise. There are usually dozens of video ideas for each business, but Viddo staff will help you choose the right ones. We’ll then script the video(s) for you, so all you have to do on filming day is read off an autocue. Easy!

Viddo works just as well for B2C videos (business to consumer) as it does for for B2B videos (business to business). Viddo tends to be most effective for service-based industries, or sales roles within companies who sell products, regardless of whether the business serves a consumer or business market.

Yes we can. In fact, often the more targeted a video is to a specific geographic location, the better for viewer engagement. In the pre-production phase we consult with you to determine which (if any) geo-targeting should apply for your video.

Yes, but not for the prices listed in the plans page. Part of the reason we’re able to offer such cheap video production for companies and business people is that you come to our studio for shooting. If you want us to travel to your premises, that is a custom project and a more standard ‘corporate video’ fee will apply.

No. The marketing phase includes access to the lead capture technology, video hosting and other key features essential to the success of your video as in-bound sales channel.

Yes, the completed video is yours to keep. You will receive a file of the final edit that you can use to upload to your own Facebook and social media accounts. This file is not supported with the lead capture technology however.

It’s super quick & easy! Once you purchase your video package on our site, the pre-production phase begins. Assuming no delays at your end, it’s possible to be shooting within days and to have the whole video completed in 7-10 days.

It depends. Search traffic flows on Google vary greatly between different industries, locations, and business types. Other variables that will influence how many leads your videos generate include:

– the strength of your offer
– the scarcity of your expertise
– the quality of your performance to camera
– the size of the market you’re targeting
– how much you promote the video to your own networks

Viddo staff can guide you on all this during the sign-up and pre-production phases.
NOTE: although we embed lead capture technology into your video, this does not guarantee you’ll automatically get leads. Your video will need a flow of web-traffic to achieve this, so consider working with a digital agency or upgrading to a Viddo Leads™ Traffic Campaign.

The standard Viddo Leads form will capture name and email data of the viewer.

Yes, but this will cost extra. The fee for Viddo watermark removal is $299 per video.

Yes! We have a team of highly-skilled animators, script writers, editors and videographers who can pretty much cover almost any custom video production or video marketing job you can imagine. Check out our other services section (ask for a quote).

FACT: Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text.
- WireBuzz