Our flagship product, ‘The Viddo” is a 90-second ‘talking head’ video, shot on-site in the Viddo studio in Ultimo, right near the ABC.

These ‘educational’ videos are designed to appeal to your target customer, and position you as an expert in your field. The standard Viddo business video includes:

1. Video Scriptwriting

We research Google traffic in your industry to base your video script on what your customers are searching for, then ‘reverse engineer’ the scripts to create the compelling,educational content they actually want.

Our video scriptwriting service includes a ‘call to action’ (CTA) to and an ‘offer’ to drive the action you want viewers to take (ie; to sign up and become a lead)

2. Video Production

Viddo handles all the video production for you. Our videographers film you on the latest 4k digital cameras with professional lighting, sound, and teleprompter to deliver TV-quality vision.

Viddo editors then polish the raw interview-style video footage with dynamic editing and on-screen graphics to produce a final cut that keeps viewers engaged in your story.

3. Video Hosting

Your completed videos are hosted by Viddo on our servers. Viddo video hosting means you don’t have to worry about slow load times. Your Viddo video will always look great and load fast on whatever device users watch it.

We provide you with an embed code and URL (just like Youtube), so you can post your video anywhere online without having to upload the whole file.

4. Video SEO

Video Search Engine Optimisation (Video SEO) is a huge opportunity for business videos. Recent changes to the Google algorithm mean videos increasingly appear in the ‘search engine results pages’ (SERPs). Yet so far, few Australian businesses have invested in creating the type of useful, engaging content that Google wants to serve up to its users.

Viddo uses the latest video SEO technology so that once your video is listed on Viddo, it quickly gets indexed by Google and other search engines, potentially exposing your video to the ‘free’ organic search traffic.

5. Lead Capture Technology

All Viddo videos come with the latest lead capture technology embedded into the actual video. This enables your video with the powerful ability to convert web traffic into leads. This feature works on the Viddo site / Your own website / Most other websites / Twitter

(NOTE: Viddo Leads feature is not currently supported within Facebook, Linked In, Instagram. You can still share the URL location of your Viddo video on any these social media platforms, but the video must be viewed on the Viddo site, Twitter, or your own website for the lead capture feature to work).

6. Video marketing

As part of your video marketing package, Viddo provides some FREE video marketing to help promote your video. We share it on our socials, out to the Viddo email database, and we list it on the Viddo site. This video marketing helps lift your profile and generate views for your video.

NOTE: to fully utilise the lead capture technology in your Viddo video you may need an additional flow of regular, targeted web traffic. You can source this web traffic yourself, or by working with a digital agency. You may also consider upgrading to a Viddo Leads™ Traffic Campaign

FACT: Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text.
- WireBuzz