Animated Video

When a potential new customer visits your website, blog, or social media channel, you need to explain your product or service FAST, before they get distracted!

This is where an animated explainer video can be SUPER POWERFUL.

The best animated explainer videos are attractive enough to catch the attention of your viewers, whilst conveying the key information required to educate your buyers – and stimulate sales.

Client Explainer Video: Retirement Essentials

When your business needs an Explainer Video:

There are several ‘trigger events’ that are common causes for businesses to engage an agency like Viddo for the creation of an explainer video:

  • Launching a new product
  • Launching a new business
  • Educating a market
  • Changing market perceptions
  • Launching a social media campaign
  • Sharing important news
  • Explaining how a process works

A short animated video can effectively hook your website visitors and help them understand your business or product in seconds. This can help you generate more qualified leads because the sales cycle can be drastically reduced.

Client Explainer Video: Wealthify Lead Generation

How To Make An Explainer Video – Key Steps

  • Choose a video agency to work with.
  • Prepare a ‘brief’ for the agency.
  • The video agency develops some concepts & pitches them to you.
  • You decide on the final concept.
  • The agency writes a video script.
  • A ‘storyboard’ is created, a visual sketch of characters & scenes.
  • Video animators produce the full animation
  • Sound and music is added.
  • You feedback changes for the final edit.

Client Explainer Video: Housenet

Help Your Sales Team, with High-Quality Animated Videos

A good animated explainer video can free your sales people to sell more!

Instead of repeating the same pitch over and over again to potential clients, an explainer video does the ‘heavy lifting’ for you, allowing the sales team to work on closing high-quality leads.

Reinforcing your pitch deck with TV-quality explainer videos will also provide a ‘wow factor’ for sales presentations. Explainer customers are a great way to further impress your prospects and convert them into actual customers. 

Animated Explainer Videos: Benefits

  • No need for talent or actors
  • No need for location or props
  • Full control over messaging
  • Good for SEO
  • Great for conversion of web traffic on a landing page
  • Cost-effective video solution
  • Marketing collateral to make sales people more efficient

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